Reflecting On The Search For Happiness

Can you find happiness? Can you buy happiness? Are you searching for happiness?

It is surprising what people can do in the search for happiness.

The ironical thing is that people cannot accept the idea that there is no absolute happiness. There is no way a person can feel absolute happiness for a long time.

When you search for happiness, you can find it in many ways.

When you find your soul mate, you feel that you have finally found the key to happiness. However, there is no absolute happiness.

You may quarrel with your soul mate at the end of the month over the

monthly bills. You feel betrayed when your soul mate keeps a secret from you.

The absolute happiness of finding your soul mate does not last long. Once you start to take your soul mate for granted, everyday is just a normal day.

You have to accept that the search for happiness does not always end in total happiness. You have moods. When you are moody, nothing can make you happy.

The happiness of a shopping addict does not last. She searches for happiness in shopping. She always feel the high when she is doing her shopping. However, reality sets in when she receives the credit card bill at the end of the month.

Some people feel regret for the impulse purchase once they reach home.

Many people search for happiness in religious text. The Sermon on the Mount is still a very popular passage since it talks about happiness.

The search for happiness will continue as long as there is human on Earth.

The problem with finding happiness in religious text is that people do not want to practice. If they cannot practice the teachings, they cannot find true happiness.

It is rare for a person to follow everything in the religious text. Every religious text teaches about honoring marriage. How many people really do that?

Every religious text teaches about appreciation of life, and contentment in life.

How many people do not compare themselves with their neighbors?

That is why the search for happiness continues. Many people cannot accept the fact that they need to change their attitude to find true happiness.

Many people cannot accept the fact that they are not the most important people in the world. They cannot accept the fact that they are just ordinary people, and their opinions do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Many people cannot accept the fact that happiness and sadness are part of life. When you manage to feel absolute happiness one day, you know that the moment of sadness is not far away.

The person you loves deeply will definitely part from you. Sometimes the person parts from you mentally. That is the time when you feel that you are living with a complete stranger. Sometimes the person you loved part from you permanently. That is the effect of death.

The search for happiness does end in happiness. You have to accept that nothing is permanent, including the moment of happiness.

The search for happiness may not end in happiness. That is due to your reluctance to change your mindset and behavior in order to live happily.

Are you in the search for happiness? Do you treasure the moment of happiness that you experience every day?

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