Reflection On London Olympics 2012

It is fun to watch the London Olympics 2012.

As I marvel at the marvellous feats achieved by the various players, especially the world champions from China, and United States, I start to feel sad about the health and fitness condition of the general public.

If only everyone has half the determination to lose weight, eat healthy and take care of their health, the general population will be happier.

There is always long queue at the clinics and hospitals.

So many people simply have problem taking a short walk round the block, yet they are watching TV on the live London Olympics 2012, and

criticizing the professional runners, swimmers, and players of various sports.

Most of us cannot even run 10 miles if our lives depend on it, yet we feel so free to curse those players who fail to win a gold medal for our country.

Whenever a new record is set, the first thing many people has in mind is the possibility of drug or illegal substances in use.

In short, sports have become so competitive, with big money, and reputation involved, that young men and women try desperately to break new record.

They are definitely under tremendous pressure to perform.

If I were to face to participate in London

Olympics 2012, I probably will have problem sleeping.

That is just wishful thought.

The only run in recent years for me is to run to catch the bus. There is no need to run even a mile.

Many young children do not run or participate in sports too. Some of them are simply too obese to move more than a few steps at a time.

Hopefully the various winners in London Olympics 2012 can do their part to encourage their countrymen and women to exercise.

This will be a greater contribution to the country than a medal.

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