Regret In Buying Silver Bars

I do not know if you have ever considered buying silver bars.

If you have, you will have your fair share of regrets in buying silver bars.

I first bought when the silver price per ounce was $29. It was near the last working day of the year 2010. 

At that time I bought just a few 10 oz silver bars. Even then, it cost a few thousand dollars.

Later on in January 2011, especially towards the end of January 2011, when the silver price per ounce dropped to $26, I had the intention to buy more silver bars.

My mistake was that I did

not act on my instinct.

I worried about locking my savings in those silver bars.

If only I had acted on it, I would have made more than 30% profit.

That was what bugged me at night.

I know that I need to trust my instinct more, since I had spent hours studying the historical chart, and knew the reasons for the increase in silver price over the years.

The only factor I did not consider was the outbreak of Middle East crisis.

Had I known about the Middle East crisis, I would definitely have used up all my savings to buy a few more 10 oz silver bars.

As it is, I have only regrets at the moment.

Even at the time when I purchased the silver bars, all my relatives and friends were against the idea.

They liked gold, and they would buy gold jewelries.

They did not understand why anyone wanted to buy silver instead of gold.

I can only say that they act on their emotion rather than investment acumen.

Gold looks nice, even if it is just .916 purity. Many people, women and men, love gold for what it is.

They do not look at it purely from investment viewpoint.

If they had thought about it logically, and check the historical charts, they would come to the same decision as me.

The percentage

increase in price for gold is not as good as silver.

That is why silver is still the better investment.

Silver bars have value, even if they look as if you have rescued them from war torn countries.

Many branded silver bars, such as Engelhard silver bars, are not shiny, and not in perfect condition.

However, silver is silver. The value of the silver bars is the international spot rate. It does not matter whether the silver bars have scratches or not.

Looking at the price of silver per Troy ounce, and the situation in Middle East, the increase in price seems certain for the foreseeable future.

As long as the Middle East situation is still critical, the silver price will keep soaring.

Even if the Middle East stabilizes, and life returns to normal, the price of silver will not drop as drastically.

After all, it is harder to liquidate physical silver, and electrical products still need silver for conducting electricity.

My regret in getting silver bars is not getting enough, and not buying when price was low.

That is why the If Only words keep on bugging me.

Do you have any regret when it comes to investment?

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways.  

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