Research For Writing Children Books

Do you think writing children books is easy? Do you know that it is extremely hard to make money from writing children books?

Are you aware that writing children books is one of the most difficult tasks in writing?

The problem with writing children books is that you have to use very simple words. The difficulty increases when you are writing for the youngest readers.

You cannot use the same tone when you are writing for the toddler as for the fifth grader.

You must do your research for writing children books well.

What are the things you can do in order to make a

success from writing children books?

1. research the market

You can research the market for the number of books available for each age group. Most writers for children books focus on one particular age group.

It is relatively easy to write for the fifth grader than for the toddlers. The fifth graders have more interest in different subjects, and they are able to understand more English words than the younger ones.

You can check out the number of children books in the library.

If you find that there is less competition in a certain age group, you can start writing children books for them. You will find that publishers are more willing to publish your books.

2.  read the books

You can ask the librarians for the recommendation of the best writers for that age group. You can check what the kids are reading, and ask for their recommendation.

You can read the books to get a feel of the writing.

You can imitate the style of writing children books.

Bear in mind that pictures and colors sell the books for young readers. You need to draw and paint it in bright colors.

3.  moral value

Nearly all the children books carry a moral lesson in the story.

You need to focus on one particular moral lesson in a book. The lesson is as simple as do not tell lies or obey your parents.

That will set the theme for the whole story.

4.  mingle with

your target audience

If you are writing for those above the age of six and below the age of eight, you must mingle with them. You must observe the words they use. You must observe the way they talk.

They will use certain very cool words for the age group. You can use the same word in your book.

If you use a word that they do not understand, that means you are not talking at their level. You must always use the words they know how to read and write.

It is good to read their textbooks to see what they are learning.

5.  network with other writers

It is hard to sell the first children book. You may find that the publisher rejects your first book. You can join a writer group to network and learn from other writers.

You may find that the editors are networking with them as well.

Once you find out the mistakes in your writing, you can rectify it and make it better.

Many writers do not make money from writing one or two children books. They make money after writing and publishing a hundred or more books.

If you are keen in writing children books, you can treat it as a long term project.

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