Retirement Aboard In Malaysia

Many Singaporeans are planning for retirement aboard.

One of the places they consider is Malaysia.

How do they plan the retirement aboard? Why is Malaysia one of the best places to retire?

1. Proximity to Singapore

Singapore is an island with modern facilities. The nearest neighbor is Malaysia.

In fact Malaysia is the only neighbor connected by land transport.

You can drive from anyplace in Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia in just an hour.

Even though the houses in Johor Bahru are among the most expensive in Malaysia, it is still relatively cheaper than in Singapore.

Half a million dollars is not enough to get a landed property

in Singapore. However, the same amount is enough to buy a very large bungalow in Malaysia.

2. Weather

Malaysia is very near to Equator. There is no extreme weather pattern in most parts of Malaysia.

The monsoon season is one of the worst weather patterns in Malaysia.

If you are a person who loves the sun, sand and sea, Malaysia definitely comes to mind when you plan for retirement aboard.

3. Language

While Malay is still the national language in Malaysia, most people in major cities can speak English.

Many large companies are setting up factories in Malaysia due to the fact that the wages are relatively low, the skilled workers speak English, and land is abundant.

There is no problem of integrating into society in Malaysia.

Many patients are choosing Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for medical treatments due to the lower cost of medical care, and the skills of the doctors.

4. Pace of living

Many Singaporeans find life in Singapore too fast for retirement.

They yearn for a more relaxed way of life.

They can find it in many smaller towns in Malaysia. Towns such as Kluang, Batu Pahat and Malacca are great for


The neighbors know each other very well, and they show care and concern for neighbors. People are not in a hurry to get anywhere.

5. Food

Due to the lower cost of living plus the slower pace of living, many people in Malaysia enjoy great food.

It is not uncommon to drive around an estate, and see enterprising housewives serving food to buyers. These housewives open the gate to the house, set a few tables and chairs, and start to sell home-cooked food.

Most of them specialized in one or two signature dishes.

One housewife in this street may sell Ginger Wine Chicken with rice. Another housewife may specialize in Wanton noodles.

It is great to explore the estate, plus a chance to enjoy home cooked food.

If you are planning retirement aboard, Malaysia is a great choice. Most Singaporeans buy a second home in Malaysia. They work and stay in Singapore during the weekday, and travel over to Malaysia to stay in their second home on Friday evening.

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