Rosacea Treatments: Natural Remedies

Rosacea is not a fatal condition. However, it is a recurring condition. It returns when you eat the wrong food or face extremely stressful condition.

Additionally, Rosacea is an extremely demoralizing condition.

When you are suffering from the burning sensation of Rosacea, with a face full of red lines and red pimples, you will feel that Rosacea is an extremely nasty and embarrassing condition.

The doctor prescribes medications for Rosacea.

You can also try the following Rosacea treatments to relieve the burning sensation, and to recover faster.

1.   Use ice

You can use ice to treat Rosacea. You can soak the towel in ice water,

and press it to the affected area.

You will notice that the redness clears faster when you use ice water a few times a day.

2.  Chamomile tea

You can drink Chamomile tea or use it directly on your skin.

How do you use Chamomile tea on your skin? You can boil a pot of Chamomile tea, let it cool. Put the tea into the fridge, and allow it to get cold.

You can soak a clean towel in the cold Chamomile tea, and apply it to the skin.

3.   vinegar

If you are at the beginning stage of Rosacea, you can use pour a bit of vinegar into the water for washing face.

You must avoid adding too much vinegar to the water. You do not want a

strong reaction.

4.   Dark chocolate.

You can use the dark chocolate as a facial mask. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties. That is why direct application can provide relief.

5.   Green tea

You can use green tea facial wash for cleansing. You can also make a pot of green tea, let it cool before you use it for direct application.

6.   Low protein diet

A low protein diet with leafy vegetables is one of the best treatment for the skin. You need to avoid spicy food, and junk food to avoid worsening the condition.

7.   Drink a lot of water.

You need to drink a lot of water to keep the water well hydrated. Using moisturizer frequently can prevent the skin from getting too dry.

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