Sample Employment Contract In Singapore

This is a sample employment contract for Accounts Executive position in Singapore.

Sample Employment Contract

We are pleased to offer you an employment as Accounts Executive. This offer is conditional upon your satisfactory clearance of pre-employment medical examination by appointed doctor.

Your basic salary shall be $2,000 per month.

The period of probation shall be 3 months, commencing from the date of employment. During the probationary period, either party may without assigning any reason terminate the Employment Contract by either giving 1 week notice in writing or payment in lieu of such notice.

Upon successful completion of probationary period, either party may terminate the Employment

Contract by giving 1 month notice in writing or payment in lieu of such notice.

The normal working hours is 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

You are entitled to 12 day of vacation leave per year.

You are entitled to outpatient medical benefits up to $600 per calendar year. You are entitled to paid outpatient sick leave of 14 days. The company accepts medical certificates from company’s doctors and Singapore government polyclinics only.

You are covered under the medical expenses during hospitalization and up to 60 days of hospitalization leave.

Annual salary increment shall be at the discretion of the company and, if warranted by your performance, will be recommended according to Company’s salary structure.

An annual wage supplement of up to a maximum of 1 month’s basic salary shall be payable to the employee. An employee who has served for part of the calendar year shall be paid

an annual wage supplement calculated on the number of completed days of service in that year, provided he is in service as at 31 December of the year.

You will agree to keep strictly confidential of all information acquired in the course of your work. The obligation of secrecy extends beyond the termination of this Employment Contract. You will further agree that upon termination of employment, you will return to the company all work related documents which may be in your possession at the time.

Enclosed is a copy of the Business Code of Conduct. By accepting the employment offer, you agree to abide by this Code or the subsequent revision which may require your future acknowledgement.

This Employment Contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

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