Seo Content Writing: Write At Least 500 Words

Do you know the value of seo content writing? Do you know why it is good to write at least 500 words?

It does not matter what niche you are writing, as long as you can write, you wish that readers can benefit from the articles.

That is the whole purpose of seo content writing. The purpose is to benefit the readers who search for information through search engines.

In term of seo content writing, one important factor is the word count.

It does not matter whether you are writing an article or a blog post, you have to try to write at least

500 words.

If you take a look at major article directories and writing sites, most of them impose a minimum word count.

Some writing sites require you to write at least 400 words. Some writing sites require you to write at least 250 words.

Why is it better to go beyond the minimum, and write 500 words?

There are several reasons for writing article of minimum 500 words.

1. Information

If you compare an article of 100 words and another article of 500 words, which do you expect to contain more information?

You cannot reasonably expect an article of 100 word to contain enough information about how to choose a Silver Arowana as your pet.

The readers expect some explanation for the points you are making. For example, you say that looking at the eyes is one way to choose a Silver Arowana. The readers will want to know why, and how.

That is why an article of longer length, such as 500 words, is deemed to contain more information.

When the search engine spiders crawl two articles about the same topic published at the same time, they will place more value on the longer article.

2. Advertisements

You will notice that many article directories and writing sites have many advertisements scatter across the page.

Some advertisements will appear only when the article length justifies it.

That means

when the article is too short, the advertisements do not appear. That is to prevent the over crowding of advertisements in a page.

While advertisements make money for the writers, the main purpose of seo content writing is to benefit the readers.

The readers should not come to a page, view a short paragraph of 50 words, and see the whole page crowded with banners and text ads.

That is why there is a need to write 500 words. The article becomes the core attraction of the page, and the advertisements do not appear too excessive.

3. Keyword density

Keyword density is one factor in seo content writing.

If you write just 100 words about Silver Arowana, you cannot justify using the term many times in the content. It will appear very unnatural.

Since you have the keyword in the Title, you are likely to use the keyword twice in the content. The keyword density is 3%.

Ezinearticles, a reputable article directory, allows keyword density of just 2%.

That is why writing an article of 500 words is a better choice in seo content writing. You can use the keyword phrase ten times when the article has 500 words.

When you have sufficient keyword density, you are helping the search engine spiders understand what the article is all about.

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