Simple Ways To Speed Up Slow Computer

I am sure you hate to work on a slow computer. It is very frustrating to type an A, and finds that the A appears only ten seconds later.

What can you do to speed up slow computer? While there are some free ways to speed up slow computers, you may need to spend money on other methods.

1.  Antivirus software

One of the leading causes of slow computer is the presence of Trojan horse or virus. You need to update the antivirus regularly.

You can schedule for a weekly scanning to weed out Malwares as well.

2.  Firewall

A firewall can protect your computer from

malicious threats. You do not want anything to infect your computer.

Installing a firewall can add a layer of security.

3.  Defragment regularly

The purpose of regular defragmentation is to free up hard disk space so that the computer system can locate files easier.

You can think of the process of defragmentation as a re-organization process. More empty space is available after re-organization.

4.  CPU

You need to keep the CPU clean and cool.

It is better to keep the computer in a cooler part of the house. A well ventilated room can cool down the computer considerably.

You can use the anti-static cloth to clean the dirt and dust of the CPU as well.

5.  Unwanted programs

Most of us

love to play games. We may have downloaded a lot of games in the past. If you are no longer playing the games, you can uninstall the applications.

Some mmorpg games have very large files. These games take up huge space.

You will find that your computer runs considerably faster after you get rid of unwanted games.
Speed up slow computer: upgrade your hardware

If your computer is slow and produces more heat than newer version, you need to consider hardware upgrade.

Spending a few hundred dollars upfront to enhance user experience is worth while. Many newer processors are energy savers as well. You will see a small difference in the monthly electricity bill.

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