Skinning Cat For Food

Once I asked my friend about her fear of cat.

She has a phobia of cat to the point of turning white whenever we imitate the sound of a cat.

The amazing thing is that her sister also has a phobia of cat.

Both of them have such fear for nearly a life time.

I was rather curious as to the origin of the fear of cat.

My friend said that when she was young, about half a century ago, her father was well known for cooking cat meat.

I was so horrified that my face turned white as well.

While people back in those days ate

dog meat and cat meat, I could not imagine how anyone could witness the skinning of cat for food.

I asked her why would her father do that to the poor cat.

It seemed that her father was such a good cook for cat meat that he received orders from many people.

After he received the order for cat meat, he would walk around to catch a stray cat.

The skinning of cat took place while the cat was still alive.

In those days in Asia, people were not pet conscious.

Money was very tight, and people ate chicken probably once a year. To have the money to order cat meat was the luxury of the rich.

Her father would ask my friend and her sister

to hold the cat while he skinned the cat alive.

My friend and her sister had to tolerate the scream of the cat. They suffered from the sharp cat claws too.

Fortunately as the society progresses, and people are getting richer and richer, the practice of skinning cat for food is over in our region.

While there are stories of the Chinese in Guangzhou province skinning cat for food, most Chinese do not like the idea too.

Cats are such great pets.

I pity my friend and her sister. They have to live with a life long phobia of cat. They cannot enjoy the happiness of stroking a cat, and enjoying the satisfaction of a cat giving birth and caring for its kittens.

It is so horrifying to imagine the act of skinning a cat alive.

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