Successful In Everything

There are some people who seem to have luck in everything.

They have a great family, great kids, great job, a perfect health, and generally they are successful in everything.

Is it possible to be successful in everything?

Yes, it is possible for a person to be successful in everything.

The problem is that this kind of good luck only comes once in a blue moon.

You may get to know such person in a certain year when he is successful in everything. He seems at the top of the world.

You envy him for his success.

However, a few years later, when you see him again,

he is a different person.

He may have a rebellious kid to handle. His house is seized by the bank because he has a failed business venture.

When good luck comes, he is successful in everything.

When bad luck comes, he suffers in all aspects of life.

That is a normal situation.

We have to accept that we have ups and downs in life.

When we are successful in everything, we have to save up the money, and prepare for the worst possible scenarios.

That does not mean we do not appreciate our happiness. That does not mean that we want the bad things to happen.

It just means that we are realistic, and practical.

We know that

nothing lasts forever, and that all good times will end, and all bad times will end.

When we think about it in this way, having successes in everything will not make us proud.

We will not think that we are smarter or better than other people.

We will be thankful for all the blessings we have, and we will help the less fortunate ones.

When we are successful in everything, we will have the means to help others. We will make friends with others. We have greater power to make things happen.

When we are down, we will have friends to help us.

That is why we must never forget to do good, especially when we have much money rolling in.

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