Sugar Allergy

Do you have sugar allergy? Do you know what are the sugar allergy symptoms?

You may think that everyone loves sugar.

It is true that food taste better with sugar. After all, ice cream does not taste like ice cream without sugar. Coffee is nicer with sugar and cream.

However, sugar allergy is a real problem. You may not recognize the symptoms, but have not associated them with sugar allergy.

What are the symptoms of sugar allergy?

1. Indigestion

This is a common problem. You may think that you have eaten too much, that is why you face indigestion problem.

When the indigestion is mild, you hardly

link it to the presence of sugar.

2. Gas

A gassy stomach causes discomfit. You do not feel like sitting, standing or doing anything at all.

The gas in the stomach makes you want to throw out the food.

3. Hyperactive

Sugar give energy. When you have too much sugar, and do not exercise to burn off the calories from sugar, you will have a problem of hyperactivity.

You feel like punching your boss for prolonging the meeting.

4. Depression

Depression usually occurs after the bout of hyperactivity. You feel a lack of energy, and very moody.

5. Bloated

A bloated feeling usually associates with stomach gas. However, it can take place without stomach gas.

How do you get sugar allergy?

Sugar does not mean just the white sugar crystals.

When we talk about sugar, we usually refer to the cane sugar. However, sugar is the generic term for sucrose, fructose, lactose, glucose, maltose and galactose.

The problem is that some people are allergic to one form of sugar, and not the rest.

Most babies with sugar allergy tend to have lactose intolerance. They are fine with other forms of sugar.

The presence of processed food makes it difficult for you to pinpoint the kind of sugar allergy you are suffering from.

Most people do not bother to read

the label.

They think that as long as they do not buy food with sugar, they are safe from sugar allergy.

The fact is that commercial processed food manufacturers use different names for sugar. If they put the ingredients as sucrose, corn syrup, maltose, and molasses, you would not know that these refer to sugar. The processed food is too sweet, since the manufacturer uses so many forms of sugar.

The only way to avoid sugar allergy is to eat natural food in its natural stage.

Natural food does not contain added sugar. You do not add glucose, maltose and other sugars when you eat an apple.

It is when you bake apple pies, then you are tempted to add sugar into the food.

Sugar allergy is rarely a fatal condition. It is best to avoid too much sugar, even if you do not have any form of sugar allergy.

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