The Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Do you know what are the symptoms of breast cancer? Do you know that males can get breast cancer?

While most victims of breast cancer are women, that does not mean that men do not get breast cancer.

It is very rare for men to develop breast cancer. Men developing breast cancer accounts for just 1% of the breast cancer cases.

The symptoms of breast cancer for both males and females are similar.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

1.  Lump

A lump in one of the breasts does not usually turn into breast cancer. Most of the times, the lump is benign. The fact

is that 90% of the lumps are not cancerous.

However, in cases of breast cancer, the lump is the first indication of cancer.

You need to go for a medical checkup to determine if the lump is cancerous or not.

2.  Changes in the breast

If you notice changes in the breast, you have to think about the possibility of breast cancer. If you notice that the size or the shape of the breast changes, you need to go for a medical checkup.

Breast cancer usually occurs in one breast. The change in shape and size is very noticeable.

3.  Nipple change

If you notice that the nipple sinks into the breast, you are probably observing a symptom of breast cancer. If the nipple bleeds, you must see a doctor.

The nipple can discharge yellowish or greenish fluid. That is not a good sign.

4.  Rash

A rash on the nipple

or surrounding skin is a sign of trouble. If you notice that the skin swells and becomes red, you know that something is seriously wrong.

Even if you do not suffer from breast cancer, you could suffer from other conditions.

5.  Lump under the armpit

A lump under the armpit is a sign of unusual growth. It may not be cancerous. However, you need to seek professional help to make sure.

Since breast cancer does not occur only in women, men must pay attention to these symptoms too.

They need to understand that low risk does not mean no risk.

The statistic of 1% for men means that a few thousand men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. It is better to pay attention to unusual growth.

Breast cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat if diagnosed early. It is also one of the cancers with prominent symptoms.

You can hardly ignore the lump growing. You can even feel the hardness of the lump. The question is whether the growth is cancerous or benign. 

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