Taking Care Of Algae Eater Fish

Most people do not keep an aquarium for the purpose of keeping Algae Eater Fish.

Algae Eater Fish is more like a rubbish collector for them.

They keep many fishes in the tank, and they buy a Algae Eater Fish to get rid of algae.

That is why many hobbyists do not really bother to find out the feeding habit of such fishes.

They are surprised to see that Algae Eater Fish does not just eat algae.

If you ever have a fish died in the fish tank, the next time you look into the tank, you probably find the Algae Eater Fish eating the

corpse happily.

That is when the aquarium hobbyists realize that Algae Eater Fish is not a vegetarian.

However, do not assume that Algae Eater Fish can eat anything and everything. Their main diet is still plants based.

How do you know that the Algae Eater Fish is hungry?

Some people have very good filter system, and the aquarium is very clean. In this case, it is likely that the Algae Eater Fish is hungry.

Since it cannot tell you in words, you have to observe its behavior.

When you find that it is continuously trying to suck the skin of the other fishes, that is a sure sign that you have a very hungry


Eating live fish is the last desperate act for the Algae Eater Fish. It is an act of survival.

If you do not fulfill its need for food, it will starve to death.

What can you do?

You can drop some vegetables into the tank. A slice of cucumber will do for the time being.

You can get a piece of bogwood and put it into the tank.

You can also get some sinking pallets for the hungry Algae Eater Fish to feed on.

Many breeds of Algae Eater Fish can get very large. You need to buy a large tank to house the larger breed. It can grow up to 2 feet.

The larger the fish, the more food it needs. Make sure that the fish has enough to eat.

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