Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habit

You can teach your children healthy eating habit.

This will be one of the best gifts you can ever give to your children.

Your children will enjoy good health and vitality for the rest of their lives with healthy eating habit.

How do you eat your children healthy eating habit?

There are a few things you can do to help them develop healthy eating habit.

1.  Your example

All the adults in your family, including you, must set an example of healthy eating habit.

Children do remember all the lessons learnt in childhood. You can emphasize the goodness of all the natural food, and the lower risk

of developing chronic sickness.

If your refrigerator is packed with natural food, it is easier for your children to learn healthy eating habit. After all, there is no junk food to tempt them.

2.  Get rid of junk food
You need to get rid of junk food from your house in order to help everyone develop healthy eating habit.

It is hard to control what your children eat at school. However, you can control the food at home.

If you have junk food at home, your children will naturally choose junk food over natural food. After all, junk food have high fats, high sugar, and high salt content. That is why junk food tastes nicer, even though it is more harm than good for us.

3.  Cook tasty food

Children love to eat tasty food. Healthy eating habit does not mean eating all the bland food items.

You can choose recipes that allow colorful combination of fruits and vegetables. You can choose recipes that allow your children to help you in cooking.

The fact that your kids participate in the cooking

means that they will enjoy their food more.

4.  Make it a game

You need to use your creativity juice to make it into a game.

You can encourage your children to play with the fruits and vegetables. You can encourage them to make up stories about the Mrs Tomato and Mr Bean. You can encourage them to grow the fruits and vegetables.

It is a wonder to see plants grow.

Your kids will enjoy growing their own food. That is one of the easiest way to encourage them to develop healthy eating habit.

5.  Explain how junk food are made

Hardly anyone knows how the junk food come about.

If you can spend time and effort to learn the process of making junk food, and the risks of eating junk food, you can create a deep impression on your kids.

You can emphasize that those who eat junk food are destroying their body cells. The bacteria and virus find it easy to attack the body with weak immune system.

Teaching children to develop healthy eating habit is not easy. However, better late than never. It is even harder for a person to enjoy junk food for the past 30 years to change the dietary habit. 

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