Thai Buddhist Amulet Website Review: is a website set up by a group of Thai Buddhist amulet collectors in Singapore.

While is an online shop for people interested in getting Thai Buddhist amulet, the owners are not really into making money, since they are not in the business of selling amulets for a living.

They are collectors. They are more interested in sharing their knowledge with others.

They travel frequently to the different temples in Thailand, and meet up with many famous monks. features items such as Hok Kon Haruman Roop Haruman amulet, Guman thong Mahalarb, Khun Paen  Pai Kuman Kao Koht, Phra Kring, Hoon

Payon, Ruesi, Nang Kwak Napogasap, and others.

You can look into the amulet gallery and Bucha gallery for pictures of the different items that are on sale. Essential information regarding the monks and the materials used in making the items are listed clearly.  The price quoted is in Singapore Dollars.

You will see that many items are sold out within a short time of listing for sale.

The reason is that the webmasters do not bring back large quantities of each listed item. They brought back enough for themselves, and a couple of extras for sale.

If you are tempted to get some amulets for protection against black magic or for wealth purpose, it is best that you contact the owners to seek their advice.

That is especially when you are new to the world of Thai Buddhist amulets.

Some amulets are powerful spirit items.

That means real spirits reside in these amulets.

The monk who made the amulets use ashes, as in real human ashes, for the making of such items.

The monk will chant, and admonish the spirit

to observe the teaching of Buddha, and protect the future owner of the spirit item.

One example of such item is Kumantong Mahalarb. Kumantong Mahalarb is made by one of the most famous monks in Thailand, LP Yeam. The materials in use included Cemeteries soil, Bones and Powder.

Getting a Kumantong Mahalarb is not the same as getting a robot or a doll. You are buying the spirit to help you. The spirit will recognize you as his parent. You are expected to do the job of a parent in taking care of it.

When it comes to Thai Buddhist amulet, knowledge is crucial.

If you have no idea what is the item for, ask before you make a purchase decision. Do not simply click on the Buy button, and pay for it online.

Even if your sixth sense tells you that the item is right for you, there is no harm in using the Contact form to ask for clarification.

The owners are knowledgeable, and they will guide you on the best amulet for you. is a place for new and seasoned collectors to learn and acquire Thai Buddhist amulets. 

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