Thai Lizard Pendant For Luck And Wealth

This article is not about the sterling silver Lizard Pendant that you see in Sears or Amazon.

Those Sterling Silver Lizard Pendants look nice, but do not serve as a good luck charm.

This article is about Jinjok (or Chin Chok), the good luck charm enhanced by the power of the monks who chant days and nights over it.

Some lizard pendants are very rare.

These are the ones made from real two-tailed lizards. That means the monks have to find a real lizard with two tails, and wait for it to die.

The corpse of the two-tailed lizard is made into a Lizard Pendant.


monk will chant for days and nights before the Lizard Pendant has the power to bring luck to the owners.

In most cases, the lizard pendants are made of other materials, including the corpse of lizards.

The owner has to learn the mantra to chant over it every day.

Some owners even hear the sound of the lizard coming out from the pendant. When the sound is in a slow tone, that means the owner will have very good luck.

If the lizard pendants are not consecrated properly, the owners might as well get a normal dead lizard. The real power of the lizard pendants is in the power of

the monk to consecrate them.

Most Thai monks do not have the skills to make Jinjok. Those with the ability to make Jinjok do not make many of them.

That is why the market is flooded with fake products.

You may wonder why anyone wants to carry round a dead lizard?

The reason is that Jinjok is known to bring good luck, especially in term of money luck, to the owners.

Some people even swear that it increases their chances of winning the jackpot or lottery or blackjack or poker games.

Some people claim that such lucky Lizard Pendant helps them to increase sales, and avoid scams.

The only factor everyone agrees is that Jinjok (or Chin Chok) is a powerful amulet for fetching wealth.

The unknown factor is the sources of wealth.

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