Think Of The Consequences

Most of us are either too lazy or too dumb to think of the consequences before we speak or act.
Sometimes the consequences are so obvious.

If we have given ourselves ten seconds to think about the consequences, we would save ourselves a lot of trouble.

For example, in your anger, you scolded your boss, and called him all kind of names loud and clear.

What are the consequences? You will lose your job. You will have trouble finding another job. Your new employer will want to conduct a reference check, and call your ex-boss.

What do you think your ex boss will say?

Do you think he will give a very good recommendation?

What do you think your colleagues will say about you? They may discuss your behavior openly in the Facebook or other social networking sites.

It feels good to release all your pent up anger against your boss. However, think of the consequences. The words you said will haunt you for the rest of your life.

You do not know how your life will turn out in the future. You may have a chance to run for political office. In this case, many eager reporters will dig for dirt. They want to uncover all the scandals. They will interview your former colleagues and bosses.

They will print all out the rumors and facts. They will tell the whole world how bad tempered you were.

That is why think of the consequences before you speak or act.

If you are really angry with your boss, and cannot tolerate working for him anymore. You can find a new job, and give an excuse for the job hunting.

You can tell the new employer that you want to explore new career opportunities. You can tell your new employer that you want to work in a bigger company. You cannot tell your new employer that you hate your boss, and wish him to go to hell.

You cannot tell your boss that you are angry with him. When

you resign, you have to type a nicely written letter to thank him for giving you opportunities to grow, and that it is time for you to expand your horizon.

It is good to part on a friendly term.

You never know when and how your former boss will cross your path again.

The future job opportunity or business opportunity may come from your former boss. He may tell his golf buddies that he lost a very good worker.

Those golf buddies will take note of your name, and they may headhunt you for a better offer.

You need to remember to cool down and think of the consequences whenever you are angry, and want to take drastic action.

This includes reading a strongly worded email. You must remember not to reply in your anger. If you send out another strongly worded email in your anger, you cannot recall that message. The recipient can forward to 1001 persons.

They will forward to another 1001 persons. In the end, that email can cost your career and reputation.

That is why think of the consequences. Never act in anger. Never say anything or do anything without preparing to face the worst.

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