Thoughts On Tv Addiction

Many people, knowingly or unknowingly, are suffering from TV addiction.

The problem is that they feel their lives are empty. That is why they try to find excitement in watching TV. The more they watch TV, the more they feel their lives are empty.

That is why TV addiction is so dangerous. TV addiction does not get rid of the emptiness in life. TV addiction makes us feel guilty. Yet we cannot rid ourselves of TV addiction.

Most people do not even realize that there are risks in TV addiction.

They fail to see that TV addiction is as bad as drug addiction. Both

TV addiction and drug addiction are mind-altering.

If you do not believe, you can observe your thoughts and speech. Are you echoing something from the commercials? Are you buying things that appear in the TV commercials? Are you saying things that the actors or actresses say in the program?

When you watch too much TV, you start to think of life as meaningless. You start to worship the kind of life that appears in TV.

That is why the society gets more and more violence. That is why people kill for no reason at all. TV addiction is at the root of the problem.

Another similarity between TV addiction and drug addiction is that both are costly addictions. You may

not find paying the bill for TV addiction is too high. You may think that it is cheaper to watch TV than a day in the shopping mall.

However, you fail to think in terms of opportunity cost.

Do you see those billionaires suffering from TV addiction? They are so busy finding business opportunities and learning how to get rich.

That is why TV addiction is so costly. TV addiction kidnaps all the free time you have, so that you have no time to learn how to get rich.

You do not have time to mingle with people who know how to get rich. You do not have time to read books about stock market investment and forex trading. Yet you know that investing is the way to get rich.

TV addiction is a costly habit. Get rid of TV addiction now and learn to get rich.

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