Three Components Of Creative Work

This is in answer to an essay question about the three components of creative work. This question appears in the tutorial for a business diploma course.

What are the three components of creative work?

Introduction to the three components of creative work

There are three main components of creative work. The three main components are: Expertise, Task Motivation and Creativity skills.


In a problem solving team, the members must have different expertise. Expertise is needed to spot the problem, and to spot the workable solution.

For example, the legal expert is involved in the problem solving team to ensure that the solution does not break

all existing laws. The finance expert ensures that the solution is within the budget of the company. There is no point having a solution that costs so much money that the company goes bankrupt.

Task motivation

Task motivation refers to the willingness of the team to solve the problem. If everyone does not think that a solution is needed, then they will not want to find a solution.

Task motivation is a factor that pushes the team to work hard to solve the problem in the shortest possible time, and preferably with the least cost.



Creativity skills refer to the abilities to use non-conventional method to solve the problem.

Long ago, when the Americans are spending tons of money to research on a pen for the astronauts to use in space, the Russians solve the problem by using a pencil. The Russians exercise creativity skills, in that they are using a cheap and common item to solve a problem of near-rocket science complexity.

Conclusion to the three components of creative work

Creative work requires all the three components. That is why it is important to choose members who are motivated, from different background, and able to think non-conventionally.

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