Tips For Career Advancement

Are you on the right track to career advancement? What can you do to get on the fast track of career advancement?

You have to bear in mind that your career advancement is not the duty of the HR department. Your career advancement is your duty.

Here are some tips for career advancement.

1.  Self assessment

You should know your strengths and weaknesses. You should know your current job, and what you like and dislike about your current job.

You can assess your preference for your career.

You can think vertically and horizontally in career advancement. Instead of progressing in one direction, you can consider enriching

your experience.

2.   Get feedback

While you are more likely to get feedback from your immediate superiors, you can ask for feedback from other people.

People in the same department can offer you feedback in term of technical aspects. Those in the other departments can offer feedback in term of maintaining a cordial relationship.

3.  Identify your career path.

If you have strong interest to make a career switch as part of your career advancement, you must identify your entry and subsequent career path.

While it is rare for an Engineer to transfer to sales department, it is not that tough. The technical knowledge enables you to explain in detail. However, you need to work on a strategy to get into the sales team.

4.   Personal branding

If your colleagues see you as a brilliant but stubborn person,

you may want to re-brand yourself. You need to highlight your intelligence, and get rid of the obstinacy.

The best way is to change obstinacy into persistency. You can highlight your willingness to accept new ideas. At the same time, you need to come across as a person who does not give up easily.

5.   Give solutions not problems.

Bosses love to receive solutions. They hate to hear of problems.

Once you identify a few problems, you need to think of the solutions. If you cannot come up with reasonable solution, you can suggest a task force with the top brains from related departments to work on it.

It is even better when you indicate your willingness to lead the task force.

Your boss likes to see his people taking initiatives, instead of pushing all the problems to him.

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