Tips For Keeping Oscar Fish

Are you thinking of keeping Oscar fish?

Oscar fish is one of the hardiest aquarium fish. You will enjoy watching tank of Oscar fish fighting for food.

You have to bear in mind that Oscar fish is a big fish. It is normal for the Oscar fish to grow to 16 inches. If you do not have a big tank, you must not even think of keeping the Oscar fish.

Oscar fish is an aggressive eater. You can feed the Oscar fish with commercial fish pellets. You can feed small fish, worms or shrimps to the Oscar fish.

When the Oscar fish is young,

you need to fish a few times a day. You can see that the small Oscar fish swims away with a big stomach when it is full.

When the Oscar fish is big, you do not need to feed so much. An adult Oscar fish does not eat much.

You can even feed once in two days.

The Oscar fish can survive for a few days without eating anything. It does not die of hunger easily.

The Oscar fish rarely gets sick. If you think that the Oscar fish is sick, the first thing you must do is to change the water.

You need to change a third of the water. You can add some salt into the water.

You should never try to change all the water at once. I can guarantee you that all the Oscar fish in the tank will die.

You need to change a third of the water in the first day. You can change a third of the water in the second day. If the Oscar fish still looks sick, you can change another third of the water on the third day.

The repeated cycle of change water and add salt will cure most Oscar fish. You can rely on the immune system of the Oscar fish to do the healing.

There are a few reasons for the Oscar fish to get sick. One reason is the dirty water. The water may look clean to you. However, there are bacteria in the water to make the fish sick.

The second reason is that the live food is contaminated. If you feed a sick fish to the Oscar fish, your stupid Oscar fish will eat the sick fish and get sick.

That is the reason why many people prefer to use the commercial fish pellets.

The third reason is that you keep too many Oscar fish

in the same tank. When the Oscar fish are young, they can swim comfortably in the tank. However, when the Oscar fish grow, you will find that overcrowding is a problem.

The overcrowding problem causes stress to the fish. Oscar fish is by nature an aggressive fish. It is not uncommon to see fighting among the Oscar fish. If the tank is overcrowded, you will face more problems.

Many people love to breed Oscar fish. Oscar fish can lay a lot of eggs. Do you know that some Oscar fish lay 3000 eggs?

Even though the young fish has a very mortality rate, the survival rate of 10% can still produce many young Oscar for you. The Oscar fish can reach maturity after one year, and breed for ten years.

Once you gain experience of keeping Oscar fish, you will love them very much. The Oscar fish are very smart. They will find a way to knock the fish tank and ask for food.

However, do not be mislead by their seemingly loving eyes for you. They will bite your fingers if you dare to put the hand into the water.

You must remember that Oscar fish fight. They love to fight. You will feel heartache to see the Oscar fish biting the skin off each other. However, it is in their nature to fight. Even if you keep one fish in tank, the single fish will still attack the tank at its own reflection.

You cannot do anything much about the fighting. As long as you remember to add salt when you change the water weekly, the fish will heal quickly.

While Oscar fish is a delicious food for the residents in South America, many people do not even want to think about eating their favorite Oscar fish.

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