Tips To Pay Less On Cell Phone Bill

Cell phone is a necessity for many of us.

We cannot imagine life without a cell phone anymore. However, having a cell phone means to pay cell phone bill every month.

If you are trying to save money, you need to find ways to pay less on cell phone bill.

How to pay less on cell phone bill?

Cell phone bill: Search for a more suitable plan

If you are nearing the end of the contract, you can search for a more suitable plan. If you hardly use up all the free talk time in the current plan, you can sign up for a cheaper


You have to remember that a $10 saving every month adds up to $240 for two years.

1. Check with Human Resource Department

You can check with the Human Resource Department to see if you can take up a corporate individual plan. The corporate individual plan can save 30% to 40% off the monthly subscription.

It is stupid to pay full rate when you can save money easily.

2. Text more talk less

You can text more and talk less in order to save money on cell phone bill.

You can even make use of the family text service offered by many providers. You can save a lot of money since you pay a flat rate for sending unlimited text messages among the family members.

3.  Prepaid

You can use prepaid card if you hardly use the cell phone. If you are sitting at your desk for ten hours a day, you do not need to use your cell phone during the working hours.

Your boss can get you through

the office phone. You can use Skype or online services to communicate with your colleagues of friends.

Since you sleep eight hours a day, and sit in your office cubicle ten hours a day, there is hardly time you need to use the cell phone.

In this case, a prepaid card works better for you.

A prepaid card for your teenagers serves to teach them about budgeting. If you give them one prepaid card a month, they cannot overspend on cell phone bill.

You do not want to receive a huge bill of a few hundred dollars just because your teenagers use the cell phone to gossips about their teachers.

4.  Change your habit

If you are meeting your friend soon, you do not need to use the cell phone to talk to them.

Since you are meeting them face to face, it is cheaper to talk when you meet them.

If you have nothing to say to your family members except how is your day, you can send a simple text instead of calling them.

You need to change your habit of continually using the cell phone to make small talk.

Use the cell phone only when necessary.

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