Tips For Personal Healthcare Cost Containment

Some people can live to the age of 100 without a single day stay in the hospital.

Some people stay in hospital practically every year. Their personal healthcare cost reach to a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

Even though medical insurance helps to cover part of the expenses, they are likely to reach the yearly cap or lifetime cap within a few years.

The best is to learn the tricks of healthcare cost containment.

Let us see what we can do about it.

1. Eat healthy

Eating healthy is the best way for healthcare cost containment.

While that does not mean you do not get sick,

it means that you can recover faster, or the sickness does not get too severe.

Those people with weak immunity often end up with the worst symptoms, and require hospitalization.

Eating healthy means you have better immune system to fight against the virus and bacteria.

2. Health screening

Early detection often lead to lower healthcare cost and early recovery.

Most of us do not detect the growth of cancerous cells in the body until it is too late. However, a medical checkup will reveal the growth of cancerous cells through the blood test.

If you have a family history of certain chronic illnesses, you need to go for yearly checkup.

3. Home remedies

You do not need to see a doctor whenever you start sneezing.

You can learn about the different home remedies for certain common illness and conditions.

For example, garlic is the best food to combat yeast infection. If you can get rid of the condition through home remedies, you can save a lot of money.

4. Medications

Asking for generic medication save cost on medication.

Most of us do not need expensive medication for common illness. Generic medication is good enough.

5. Avoid hospitalization

If you have a choice of different treatments, you can select the one that does not require hospitalization.

For example, between a day surgical procedure and another surgical procedure that requires hospitalization, you can opt for the day surgical procedure.

Even though you may need more medications, it is still cheaper

than staying for a few days.

6. Describe your condition

When you are feeling pain, you can write down the symptoms.

You have to learn to describe the pain, be is acute pain or throbbing pain or other forms of pain. Do not just tell the doctor that you have back pain.

You can help the doctor pinpoint the exact location of the back pain. You need to describe other related symptoms as well, such as losing 20 pounds in a week or falling hair. If you keep a daily record, that is even better.

Your description helps the doctor to diagnose the condition or refer to the right specialist.

It is cheaper to get it right the first time. You can avoid many costly tests and consultation fee.

7. Exercise till you sweat

Sweating is a form of cleansing.

Walking for five minutes is not an exercise. You do not sweat after such a short walk.

Walking for an hour is a form of exercise. If you can run marathon, do so. Your effort in exercising to the point of sweating brings health benefits.

The cost of exercise shoes, and other related cost is nothing compared to the cost of hospitalization and specialist consultation.

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