Tips For Speed Reading Online

Since the Internet is an important part of our lives, we need to learn speed reading online.

Some people who know the techniques of speed reading online can find information easily.

While we are reading the first paragraph, they have finished the whole article. Do you envy those who knows the techniques of speed reading online?

You can learn speed reading online as well.

How do you learn speed reading online?

1. Do not mouth the word

The fact that you utter the words when you read slows down the reading speed.

You must learn to read with your mind, not your mouth. You do not

need to hear your voice when you are reading content online.

2. Scan for the keywords

You can scan for the keywords instead of reading each and every single sentence.

Scanning for the keywords allows you to discharge the information that is not relevant to you.

3. Use the mouse

When you are reading hardcopy, you can use the finger to guide the reading.

When you are reading online, you can use the mouse to serve the same purpose. Just move the mouse from the first line to the

second line, and so on.

4. Focus

Focus on the reading. You cannot switch on two windows when you are reading the text. It is very distracting to have the online game in another window, while you are reading about accounting in another window.

5. Count the main points

You can use your fingers to count the main points as you scan through the articles.

When you find that you have missed out one main point, you can return to search for it.

Most good writers will list the main points in order, so that you do not miss them.

These are just some techniques of speed reading online. Once you master these five techniques of speed reading online, you will find that you save a lot of time when searching for information. 

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