Travel To Guizhou Province In China

If you tell your friends that you are traveling to China, they will think of the Great Wall of China or the Giant Panda.

You can bet a million dollars that they will never guess you are traveling to Guizhou Province in China.

Hardly anyone know of the existence of Guizhou Province.

Nobody will expect you to travel to Guizhou Province.

Where is Guizhou? What can you do there?

Guizhou is in the southwestern part of China. It is very, very far from Beijing.

In fact, it is nearer to Myanmar and Laos than Beijing.

Guizhou is notorious for being the poorest province in China. Once you

are in Guizhou, you will never associate it with the progress of China.

Guizhou is a very poor place.

As a result, the natural scenery is preserved, since the local government does not have the money to create a city like Guangzhou or Shanghai.

However, the lack of money affects the likelihood of the people. Even though Guizhou is known for Huang Guo Shu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in China, the province has a serious water shortage in many locations.

What can you do in Guizhou?

Guizhou is a land of outstanding natural beauty. It is also a place where the minorities call it home.

You can experience the warmth of the minorities, such as the Miao tribes, the Yao tribes, the Yi tribes and others.

You get to experience the culture of non-Han Chinese here.

Guizhou is a mountainous region with the waterfalls, the forest and the numerous tribal villages.

However, due to the fact that this province is almost undeveloped for tourism, you can expect to do a lot of walking.

It is definitely the best place to exercise, and take in the fresh and cool mountain air.

What is the best way to enjoy Guizhou?

The best is to take part in the day tour or short tours.

You can visit the villages of different tribes without the hassle of planning for the tour.

An itinerary to visit the village of the Miao tribe costs about 180 RMB. The cost includes transport, service of the tour guide, a lunch, entrance to the places of interest and insurance.

If you can read Chinese, you can view the detailed itinerary

Some day tours cost about 100 RMB or less.

The cost for a hotel stay in the capital of Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, is very reasonable.

A standard room in a 4 stars hotel in the city costs less than 400 RMB per room per night.

You can negotiate for a far lower price if you are staying for a longer period.

A standard room in a 3 stars hotel in Guiyang city costs less than 200 RMB. Most hotels include breakfast for two persons.

What about food in Guizhou province?

Guizhou is a food paradise. You can get fresh organic produces here, and free range chickens, and other meat here.

The fact that it is close to Sze Chuan Province, one of the most popular food paradise in China, means that the varieties of hot and spicy food are beyond your imagination. You are likely to get diarrhea if you are not used to the extremely spicy food.

Just be careful when you order food. The people in Guizhou love to eat dog meat. If you cannot tolerate the idea, make sure you know what meat you are ordering.

The best is to follow the crowd. Just walk around, and see what people are eating. Do not order rice or noodle, so that you eat more.

Guizhou province is famous for the Mao Tai wine. The manufacturer of Mao Tai wine is a listed company, selling the flag ship products, Mao Tai wine, to more than a hundred countries.

Be forewarn! The alcoholic content of the Mao Tai is more than 50% in Guizhou. Make sure you have high tolerance for alcohol and can walk back to the hotel after consumption.

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