Triond, Page Views, And Money

Does Triond pay by page views? Strictly speaking, no. Triond does not pay by page views. While page views is a factor in determining the income, the payment method is not about page views.

Many new writers to Triond do not understand the concept of profit sharing.

You are likely to earn more money from an article in health niche than a poem, even when the poem have 100 page views more than the health article.

The poem does not even earn ten cents with 200 page views.

The health article may attract only 100 page views, and you earn 40 cents income.

Why is

there such a great difference in revenue? How can you really make money with Triond?

1. Understand the advertising methods

There are a few methods of advertising in Triond.

You have to understand the different methods, since that determine the earnings.

Some advertisers use pay-per-view method to pay for the advertising space. That means when someone views the content, and the advertisements are download fully, you earn from the page view. If the readers use ad blockers, you will not earn from the page views since the advertisements do not load at all.

The second advertising method is pay-per-click. Most text links advertisements are using the pay-per-click method. When a reader clicks on the advertisement, that single click can earn a dollar.

You must write articles for the niche that attracts the most clicks, or the highest paying advertisements.

That is why some articles have very low page views, yet you receive the most revenue.

Some advertisers are using the cost-per-action method of advertising. These are often the videos ad. After the readers view the ads, they are urged to take some actions. That means the advertisers will pay when readers click through to subscribe for the newsletter or freebies.

If the readers do not leave the email or name, the advertisers do not pay. You, the writer, will not earn.

Since Triond operates on a profit sharing model, you must write articles that draw in traffic and revenue.

If Triond does not earn much from your articles, you cannot expect to earn much too.

2. Google Adsense

If you are using Google Adsense, you will notice

that the two main methods are text ads and image ads.

The text ads usually pay by per click.

The image ads may pay by impressions.

Many writers prefer text ads, since the click value can be as high as $10 per click.

It is impossible to achieve that with image ads.

Many writers in Triond know that Google Adsense pays more than Triond. If you earn $10 from Triond, you are likely to earn $20 or $50 from Google Adsense.

How can you increase the earnings from Google Adsense?

You can check the layout of the different websites powered by Triond.

The best is to find the websites with Google advertisements right on top of the page. Bizcovering is one example. You will find the Google ads alongside with Bizcovering, the name of the website.

Once you understand how Triond works, you no longer wonder why an article with 20 page views earn just one cent, while another article with four page views earn two cents.

You have to remember that everything is about money. Writing web content does not mean you write what you like, and expect money to roll in.

You need to write in the most profitable niches. From my personal experience, these are the health and business articles. 

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways. Personal Finance is about money, from making money to investing money. Retirement in Asia contains resources about retirement planning.

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