Use Simple English When Writing Web Content

Writing Web Content: Use simple English

Are you interested in writing web content for cash? Do you want to stay home and generate income by writing web content?

Writing web content never goes out of demand as long as Internet is still around.

More and more readers are using the Internet to search for information. That is why you can make money by writing web content.

You do not need a powerful command of English for writing web content.

Charlie Munger, a world famous billionaire, is fond of using difficult words in his speech.

For example, “Even in our youth, some of the best professors

were horrified by bad effects from balkanization of academia into secular, turf-protecting enclaves wherein notions were maintained by leaps of faith plus exclusion of non-believers.”

Charlie Munger is a very famous man. He can get away with using big words in his speech. After all, his wisdom allows him to generate billions in asset.

If you try to use big words when you are writing web content. You are likely to scare the readers off.

Hardly anyone uses the word, balkanization, in real life.

Hardly anyone uses such difficult word in writing web content. Do not forget that reading web content is hard on the eyes. That is why readers prefer to scan, and not read word for word.

Some experienced writers mention that readers tend to read at the level of a fourth-grader. That does not mean that readers are poorly educated. It just means that they prefer to read articles written in simple English.

That is why simplify the usage of English words in writing web content. As long as you provide information to solve the problem of the readers, your article will generate page impressions.

Writing web content: Specialization and Diversification

Most writers like to stick to a niche when they are writing web content.

Some people love to write about different ways of cooking. They can create a thousand articles about cooking chicken. They work on a method of specialization when it comes to the matter of writing web content.

When you read their articles, you can find so many ideas for cooking.

Some writers use the diversification method for writing web content. They write about personal finance one

day. They write about home improvements the next day.

You will find that they have articles of practically every niche.

Which better is better for writing web content?

Both methods work equally well when you are writing web content.

Specialization in writing web content works very well, especially when you are writing for your own website.

You create a reputation by sticking to a niche, and become the expert in the niche.

Diversification for writing web content works when you are writing web content as a ghostwriter.

You do not get to pick the writing job. You need to write using the keywords and the titles that the webmaster wants.

If you are a newbie in writing web content, I recommend you start by using the diversification method.

Since you are new to writing web content, you need to develop your writing style. You need to know what kind of articles pay very well. You can hardly expect an article about cooking chicken rice to generate more money than an article about studying law degree.

When you are more experienced in writing web content, you can specialize in a few topics.

You can rely on your experience and education to help you find a specialization.

Writing web content is hard work. It is slightly easier than writing essays for your teachers. However, writing web content generates cash. Writing essays only get you enough grades to get your paper qualification.

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