Using International Prepaid Phone Card For Overseas Call

Do you have a habit of using international prepaid phone card for oversea call?

If you need to call overseas frequently, you may like to consider using international prepaid phone call.

One large company in my area even forces the employees to use international prepaid phone card for all overseas business calls.

While this practice is not common, the company has controlled the telecommunication cost.

What are the advantages of using international prepaid phone card?

1. Cost

You can limit the cost since you have already paid for the card.

You cannot go over the limit in this case.

It is unlikely using your regular phone to make

call. You may get a nasty surprise when you receive the phone bill.

It is cheaper to use international prepaid phone card for overseas call. The rate is so low that you can talk for hours.

The best is to check the connecting cost before you buy a call.

Different suppliers have different connecting cost to a specific country.

2. Convenience

You can use any phone to make oversea calls. You can call from home, office or public phone. Even your boss cannot track your outgoing call, since you are calling to a local number, before entering the PIN and the phone number of the party in the other country.

3. Monitor card usage

You can monitor card usage after every call.

Most prepaid card provider tells you the amount left in the card at the end of a call. You can even check how many minutes are available for your current call before the line is connected.

If you know you have just five minutes for this call, you can avoid all the unnecessary sentences, and get to the point.

Having talk about the advantages of international prepaid phone card, we shall talk about the disadvantages.

1. Loss

If you

lose it after just a single call, you never get the money back.

There is no refund, since you cannot even produce the call. In fact, there is no refund even if you still have value in it.

Unless you have copied the PIN elsewhere, you will lose the usage of the whole card.

Whoever picks up the international prepaid phone card can use it for his own purpose.

2. Choose wrongly

You can choose wrongly since there are so many providers.

Some international prepaid phone cards are good for a country only. If you buy a card that is good for calling China, and you use it to call Brazil, you are not making the best use of it.

The different providers have targeted users.

The one that targets China migrant workers will highlight the minute charge and connecting charge for calling China.

If you are a new user, you have to provide more information so that the seller can choose the right one for you.

International prepaid phone card is getting more and more popular. It is good for both businesses and individuals.

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