The Value Of A Book Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

The value of a book is not in the buying price.

It is not in the selling price.

The value of a book is in the eyes of the beholder.

For example, a Bible is just a book to many non-believers. Even if they bother to take time to read part of it, they do not read for the intention of becoming a God fearing person.

Sometimes, certain passages change their mindset, and they become a believer.

They will forsake all the worldly pursuits, and migrate to countries to help people who are spiritually hungry.

In this case, the value of a book turns out as

too precious to quantify. We cannot give a price to a book which can change people for the better.

In many cases, the value of a book exceeds the purchase price.

That means you spend $10, and you get many hours of enjoyment. You may find it so humorous that you have to share with someone.

A book to make you laugh is worth more than the ten dollars that you have spent.

Sometimes, people spend a few thousand dollars to go for an exotic vacation, and they do not feel as happy as reading a book.

For people who love to read, the value of a book, or rather, books, is beyond the description of words.

They treasure their books, and they care for their books more than caring for their physical needs.

You can see

some people who forget to eat because they are too engrossed in the reading.

For some religious texts, the faithful ones even willing to give up their lives for the sake of protecting the books.

The Holy Bible has many such faithful protectors. Many had died so that we can have the Bible to read today.

If you have a chance to read the Bible, please read and give your attention to it.

Bear in mind that many people had given up their lives. Some died in horrible ways.

You will agree that the value of a book, in this case, the Bible, far exceeds the buying price.

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