Waiting For Money Is So Agonizing

It seems that many of us spend the bulk of our lives waiting for money.

When we were young, we waited for our parents to give us pocket money.

When we started working, we waited for our bosses to give us our salary.

If we have a few sources of income, such as rental income, Adsense revenue, salary from full time employment, commission from affiliate marketing, social security income, unemployment benefits, insurance payout, annuity payment, dividend, and others, we would have spent the bulk of our time waiting for the money in the form of check, bank deposit, and cash.

Waiting for money is so

agonizing when we need money urgently.

Some of us are so unfortunate as to work for a boss who disappears when payday comes.

As a result, we receive our salary later than expected.

If we have online earnings, waiting for payout is another agonizing experience.

Most online paying programs let you see how much you earn every day.

You can check the Google Adsense account a few times a day. If you write for writing sites that pay by revenue sharing or page views, you can check a few times a day, and see that a cent has been added to your account.

Even if you have reached payout, the check will come only a month later.

For example, you have reached $100 in Adsense earning in the middle of this month. You have to wait till

the end of the month for the account closing.

Google will use the following month to verify your income. In fact, that is a full month.

If you have no invalid click or anything, Google will send the check to you by the end of the following month.

By the time your check clears, and you can spend the money, that is about two months later.

The problem is that it probably takes you six months to accumulate the hundred dollars. That means you use six moths to earn, and wait two months for the money to bank into your saving account.

Do you find that painfully slow?

That is why online earning is very sweet, even though the amount is small.

The same with other forms of earning. Waiting for money is pure agony. Receiving the money is pure joy.

Spending the money has a sweet start but bitter aftertaste.

Nobody is happy when he discovers that he has spent the bulk of his income. The next round of waiting for money starts again. 

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