Walking 10000 Steps A Day For Health Reason

The bare minimum exercise you need to do is to walk 10000 steps a day.

If you walk less than 10000 steps a day, you are leading the dangerous sedentary lifestyle.

Your heart, your lung and all your body muscles do not get enough exercise to keep working well.

How do you walk 10000 steps a day?

If you lead the lifestyle of a normal office worker in developed countries, you are probably walking just 2000 to 4000 steps a day.

Increasing the number of steps from 2000 to 10000 is a big deal.

You have to plan carefully, and change your lifestyle. The only item

you need is a pedometer to count the number of steps.

You cannot possibly count every single step in your waking hours. You will cause a traffic accident if you rush across the road, and count the steps at the same time.

Let us do our calculation.

10000 steps a day means 625 steps an hour. Since you cannot walk when you are sleeping, we take the waking hours as 16 hours a day.

You have to walk 625 steps an hour for 16 hours in order to get 10000 steps a day.

Does it sound hard?

Bear in mind that you can walk 100 steps in a minute. If you walk a bit faster, you can walk about 120 to 140 steps a minute.

That means you walk 6 minutes in a hour to get in the 625 steps. How hard it is to walk 6 minutes and sit 54 minutes?

There is no reason for you not to find 6 minutes for walking.

You need to walk to get to the washroom. You need to walk to the pantry. You need to walk to the copier to make a copy of the document. You need to walk from the car park to the office. You need to walk to get out of your house.

If the distance from the office cubicle to the washroom yields just 50 steps, you can think of taking a longer route.

That probably adds another 100 steps.

Once you have the goal of 10000 steps a day, you will start to count the number of steps from

your bedroom to the kitchen to the living room.

It comes naturally when you are obsessed with walking for health reason.

You will find that you clock in more steps in the morning. You probably get in more than 700 steps before you leave your house. You get in another 1000 steps or more by walking from the car park to your office.

If you park further away, you need to walk more.

Lunch time is another period where you can clock in a thousand steps or more.

Since lunch time is an hour, you can go for a ten minutes walk before your meal, and another ten minutes walk after your meal.

Most people do not walk enough in the afternoon. The next moment for walking comes after the end of the working day.

If you rush home, you definitely do not feel like going for a walk again. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The flesh gets weaker when you switch on the TV or the computer.

The best is to take a walk before you go home. You can choose the mall or the park.

By now, you probably have 5000 steps recorded in the pedometer. You need to walk for 50 minutes to get in another 5000 steps.

If you miss the chance to walk 5000 steps after work, you will not reach the target of 10000 steps a day.

Walking 10000 steps a day is good enough to maintain your health. However, it is not enough for weight loss. You need more than that to achieve your ideal weight.

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