Walking To Lose Weight: Learn To Count Calories

Are you walking to lose weight? Do you know that walking to lose weight involves the art of counting calories?

If you are walking to lose weight, you need to use a pedometer. A pedometer is a cheap little gadget to measure the number of steps you have taken.

You need to count calories for food intake, as well as count calories burnt as a result of walking to lose weight.

It is not always easy to count calories for food intake. You can check the average calories for the popular dish in your country.

You have to add in the calories from alcoholic

beverages, coffee, soft drinks and other drinks.

It is hard to know how much calories in the glass of cold watermelon juice. Sometimes, the vendor even adds in sugar to sweeten the juice.

However, you can make an estimate. It is better to overestimate than underestimate.

Most people take in 2,000 to 2,500 calories from food every day. If you are too lazy to count calories from food, you can use the 2,500 calories per day as a working guide. 

When you overestimate the calories intake, you will have more motivation for walking to lose weight.

The next thing is to count the calories burnt from walking to lose weight.

While the number of calories burnt from walking to lose weight depends many factors, such as the terrain, the walking speed, your current weight, and the load you are carrying. The average rate for walking to lose weight is that

1 calorie for every 20 steps.

That is where the pedometer comes into use.

If walking to lose weight means a target of 10,000 steps every day, that means you are burning 500 calories per day.

Is 500 calories good enough? If you take in 2,500 calories, and burn only 500 calories, you will still put on weight.

That means walking 10,000 steps is not a good target for walking to lose weight. You need to aim higher.

You can gradually increase the number of steps if you really are keen in walking to lose weight.

You can go for a long hike once or twice a month. You can aim for 30,000 steps as part of the walking to lose weight target.

30,000 steps will definite make you lose weight. 30,000 steps means you burnt 1,500 calories.

That is the ultimate goal of walking to lose weight. It is risky to attempt 30,000 steps if you are always walking 10,000 steps.

That is why you must use a systematic approach to the matter of walking to lose weight. A sudden increase in activity is not good. You can aim to have an average of 15,000 steps in a month, before you aim for the 30,000 steps.

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