We Live Up To Our Minimum Expectation

All of us live up to expectations.

When we were young, we lived up to the expectations of our parents and teachers.

In some cases, we also live up to our expectation. The sad fact is that we live up to our minimum expectation, not the best that we can do.

For example, when your parents wanted you to score top in class, did you negotiate? Did you leave room for minimum expectation? Most likely you did.

Perhaps you negotiated to the top three in class.

When the result came out, you were among the top three, but not the first nor the second in

class. You were the third in class.

You did live up to expectation, but only to the minimum.

It seems that this pattern of leaving some room for failure follows us to adulthood.

When we know that it is hard to get a job promotion at work, we fight for second best. We just hope to get more than average increment and bonus. We leave the prospect of getting a job promotion to the one who works more than 16 hours a day.

It is the same in article writing.

When the website calls for minimum word count of 400, we are not likely to write more

than that, and we will not write less than that.

When the word count requirement increases to 500, we will definitely find ways to make up the extra hundred words. We are not likely to write 2000 words.

The likelihood is to write just 510 or 520 words, and just stop there.

That is the way we live up to our expectation.

If the minimum word count drops to 100, we are not likely to continue writing 400 words. Since that is the minimum word count requirement, we will still live up to expectation, albeit the minimum expectation.

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