Web Content And Duplicate Content

When you are writing for money, you will look out for different websites that pay for web content.
You will find different websites with entirely different Term of Service.

Some writing sites allow you to repost content. That means you can post the same web content to the websites.

In fact, most writing sites allow you to do so.  Two of these are Expertscolumn and Wikinut.

The only requirement is that you must own the copyrights to the article.

Some writing sites require original web content. These websites may allow you to republish the web content elsewhere. The only requirement is that you must

publish the web content in these websites first.

Triond and Suite101 are two examples of these websites.

You can republish content elsewhere after you have published them in Triond. Suite101 requires you to give them exclusive right for a year before you can republish.

Some websites require exclusive rights to the original web content. Infobarrel and Reviewstream are two examples.

You are not allowed to republish the content anywhere else.

What about duplicate content penalty?

Is there problem if you have web content republished in a few different websites?

There are a few cases when duplicate content is a problem.

1. Too much duplicate content

If you have a blog full of duplicate content, you will find that the traffic from search engines is lower than other blogs with original content.

This is the problem with autoblogs. Many autoblogs do not have high organic traffic since all the web content are duplicate content.

To avoid the problem of having too much duplicate content, you need to have substantial original content.

The various writing sites have enough original content. That is why they do not mind some duplicate content.

2. Duplicate content on the same website

If you have a website, and you publish the same content twice, that definitely causes trouble.

That is why even those websites that allow duplicate content do not allow you to publish the same content twice.

3. Spun articles

Some people use the auto spinner to spin the articles, hoping to avoid duplicate content penalty.

However, spun articles are as bad as

duplicate content. You should not think that the search engine robots will accept spun articles.

You will never see a website with auto spun articles rank high for any keyword permanently.

How do you avoid duplicate content penalty if you have a blog?

If you intend to use PLR articles or articles from article directories, you can limit the usage. Let us say that you have 100 original blog posts, you can probably get away with 20 articles from article directories.

You cannot expect to have 900 articles from article directories, and still rank top for certain keywords.

Is there any harm in republishing web content if you are a writer?

There is no harm if you hold the rights to the web content. As long as the websites allow republishing, you can do so.

You have to bear in mind that out of 100 articles you submit to the first website, not all are indexed by the search engines.

If you resubmit the same content to the second website, you will find that the articles not indexed in the first website are doing well in the second website.

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