What Are The Effects Of Tv Addiction?

You may not realize that TV addiction is a part of the problem in your life. You may not associated TV addiction with the increase in crimes in the country.

However, TV addiction is very real. While TV addiction is not life threatening, it is as dangerous as other forms of addiction.

What are the effects of TV addiction?

1. TV addiction makes you depressed.

After watching TV for a long time, such as six continuous hours, you will start to feel depressed. You wonder why your life is so boring. You wonder why you are not as beautiful and lively as those actors

and actresses.

You will start to think of your life as meaningless.

The problem is that you cannot make yourself to switch off the TV and just go out. TV addiction is very real.

2. TV addiction changes your thoughts

You may not realize the immediate effect of TV addiction.

You may not realize that you are subconsciously thinking about words from the commercials. You may not realize that you choose products featured in the TV.

Your goal in life is affected by what you watch in TV. TV addiction is a form of mind programming. TV addiction

has the effects of changing your thoughts.

3. TV addiction causes negative thinking

TV addiction causes negative thinking. Many shows in TV feature violence and sex. These are not the moral values you want to see in your children.

Many news in the TV is about death and natural disasters. The news reporters seem to enjoy making things worse. After watching so much violence and death in TV, you wonder why you bother to live an upright life.

You start to think negatively as a result of the TV addiction.

You can analyze whether you are suffering from the effect of TV addiction. It is time for you to start living a real life and get rid of TV addiction.

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