What Can You Recycle?

Recycling for the sake of a greener planet is the goal of everyone.

We do not want to live in a polluted environment. We do not want the resources on Earth to deplete completely.

That is why we need to know what are the things we can recycle.

What can you recycle?

If you look at your house, there are so many things you can recycle for profits. Many recycle centers accept practically everything.

You can also recycle and reuse an item to save money.

Let us look at the things in your house that you can recycle.

1. Aluminum cans

When is the last time you drink

from an aluminum can? What happens to the can? You probably throw it away.

Do you know that aluminum cans have a very high commercial value. You can collect the aluminum cans for recycling.

2. Cell phone and laptop

You can trade in the old cell phone and laptop for a new one. You are likely to get a few dollars or a few hundred dollars off the new model.

This is the best way to recycle the old cell phone and laptop, as well as saving money.

3. Treadmill

If you have old treadmill, and you want to get new one, you can trade in. If the manufacturer does not accept the treadmill, you can sell in the garage sale if the treadmill is still in good condition.

If the treadmill is not in usable condition, you can bring it to the recycling center.

4. Clothing

Old clothing is the easiest to recycle. You can sell them in Ebay or Craiglist. You can sell them in garage


You can use the old and torn T-shirt for general house cleaning. You can bring the old clothing to the thrift shop. You can also bring them to the recycle center.

5. Cardboard

Cardboard is bulky. However, all recycle centers will welcome them. If you have no use for the cardboard, you can bring them to the recycle center.

A related item is the old newspaper. You can bring the old newspaper to the recycle center if you have no use for them.

The pile of old newspaper is a fire hazard if you keep it at home.

6. Scrap metal

Nearly all metals have high commercial value. If you have old radio or old electronics at home, you have to remember that the raw material is metals.

That is why throwing away the old junk is not a good idea. You can recycle it, and let the manufacturers make new items out of the melted metals.

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