What Is Dengue Fever?

Are you living in the tropics? Are you traveling to the tropics? If so, you must understand the risks of contacting a dengue fever.

What is a dengue fever?

A dengue fever is a serious condition. The body rages a high fever for days accompanying by aching bones. The pain is so bad that you will feel as if the whole body is tearing apart. You will feel as if your eyes are popping out. The pain behind the eyes is unbearable.

Once you have a taste of dengue fever, you will understand why it is also known as the break bones fever.

The high fever with aching bones and the excessive sweating wear out a person. You will feel as if you do not have strength to walk a single step.

There are actually four kinds of dengue fever.

These four kinds of dengue fever are due to the four different dengue virus. If you suffer from one type of dengue virus, you have immunity against that virus. That does not mean you have immunity against the other three types of dengue virus.

What causes dengue fever?

It sounds hard to believe that a tiny mosquito is the cause of the dengue fever. The Aedes mosquito is the mosquito breed responsible for the dengue fever.

Dengue fever does not spread from human to human or human to animals. The medium is the Aedes mosquito.

How serious is a dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a serious condition. It is not fatal, unless it develops into dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

Once you are diagnosed with dengue fever, hospitalization is required. The purpose of hospitalization is to monitor the dengue fever, so that the doctors can take immediate action if it develops into dengue hemorrhagic fever or

dengue shock syndrome.

If you have other health conditions, a dengue fever is a life threatening condition due to your weakening immune system.

What are the treatments for dengue fever?

There are no cure for dengue fever. The doctors can treat the symptoms of the dengue fever.

However, no medicine can effectively cure you of dengue fever.

The immune system of your body will get rid of the virus within a couple of weeks. If you have a weak immune system, you will need longer time to recover.

There are many alternative remedies for dengue fever. The Malays squeeze the juice out of the papaya leaves. The juice is extremely bitter. Some patients with dengue fever recover shortly after drinking the juice from the papaya leaves..

There is no clinical support to prove the effectiveness of such a method. Since the doctors have no effective cure for dengue fever, the people in the tropics are willing to try the alternative remedies.

You will find that dengue fever is such a devastating condition. You will lose ten to fifteen pounds within two weeks of suffering from dengue fever.

Dengue fever is obviously not the recommended weight loss scheme.

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