What Does Environmental Friendly Mean

How often have you come across the term environmental friendly? What does environmental friendly mean? Are you an environmental friendly person?

Environmental friendly refers the way we live our life. If we have in mind to live responsibility, we are living an environmental friendly lifestyle.

We will choose environmental friendly products. We will save more and waste less. We will use less water and less electricity.

We will use our car less often. We will cycle or walk more often.

All our actions will take into consideration the impact on the environment. There is no way that we can avoid causing pollution. However, we

can do our best to minimize the effect of polluting the environment.

What are the ways to live an environmental friendly lifestyle?

We can make a list of all the things we can do at home for the sake of adopting an environmental friendly lifestyle.

For example, we can change the normal garden lights to solar powered light. That will save on electricity as well.

We can donate our old clothing to the poor people. That is better than keeping them at home and not using them.

We can buy environmental friendly products. Instead of using the cleaning products with chemicals that harm the environment, we can use the environmental friendly products. That is to prevent more harm to the environment.

If more people buy the environmental friendly products, the cost will come down. The manufacturers will stop the

production of harmful products. The environmental friendly products will eventually replace the regularly products.

We can choose to use less plastic carriers. We can use bags made of recyclable material.

We can avoid printing out the emails or other documents. That will save paper and ink. If you take a look at all the papers that you have printed out, you will see that you hardly refer to them.

It is better to save the documents and emails electronically. You can save them in your hard disk, and removable disk.

You can use your cell phone to store your reminders and message. If you are going shopping, you can store the shopping list in your cell phone.

That will avoid writing out on a piece of paper. Most people do not forget to bring their cell phones.

However, many people still leave their shopping list at home when they go grocery shopping.

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