What Is The Meaning Of Barang Amulets?

The more I read about Barang amulets, the more confused I get.

Barang is such a common word in Asia, even though this particular word has a French origin.

The Malay word for Barang simply refers to it as Thing.

The meaning of Barang in Philippines means small insects.

However, when it comes to Thailand’s amulets, the Barang amulets bring out the magical aspects of the word.

Many people have all sorts of horrible ideas about Barang amulets, especially those made from the corpses of humans and other creatures.

In short, the world of Thai amulets use the term Barang amulets in connection with magic.

Some amulets,

such as the Kumantong amulets, are definitely magical.

Kumantong amulets means you have the spirits of the dead children with you. When you buy a

Kumantong, or Guman thong, you are not just getting some materials home. You are getting a spirit home. That spirit is a child, and you have to treat it as if you are caring for a child.

However, there is a darker side to things.

There is a kind of evil child spirit amulet too. These are made not by monks but by black magic practitioners. You need to serve blood to the child, and the evil child can hurt you if he is not happy with you.

Some people employ the evil child to bring harm

to their enemies.

Some tourists wish to buy amulets in Thailand since they think they are just getting a harmless piece of item. They may even think about it just like getting a normal keychain or doll or necklace.

However, if you are getting the real thing, and that real thing happens to be an evil barang amulet, you are going to get endless trouble with your purchase.

There are reports of children crying nonstop when they are in a room with a doll bought from Thailand. The children apparently saw something and they were fearful.

It is best to avoid barang amulets, unless you know what you are in for.

When you buy good barang amulets for protection, it is best you get them from the temple. It is best you learn the mantra to chant for the barang amulets too.

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