What Is Metatarsalgia?

Have you heard of Metatarsalgia condition? Do you know what is Metatarsalgia? Most people do not know what is Metatarsalgia until they are suffering from it.

In fact, you may be suffering from Metatarsalgia without realizing that it is a medical condition.

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia refers to the pain of the ball of your foot.

What causes Metatarsalgia?

If you are a runner, you will suffer from Metatarsalgia often. You are likely to stop running for a few days for the pain to go away.

However, runners are not the only ones to suffer from Metatarsalgia.

Many overweight people suffer from Metatarsalgia as well. The excess

pounds put so much pressure on the ball of the foot, so much so that standing in the queue can cause pain.

The more serious cause of Metatarsalgia is sport injury. If left untreated, the sport injury will affect the person for life.

A poor blood circulation can cause Metatarsalgia too. If you stand too long, you will find that the pain in the ball of the foot is unbearable. That is why most of us tend to fidget about when we are standing.

How to treat Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is usually a symptom and not a serious condition.

We can let our feet rest for a few days in order for the pain to go away.

We can also soak our feet in ice to relieve the foot pain. Ice treatment is an effective method.

If we need to walk a lot in our job, we must wear shoes with good arch support. Some

of us are working in job that involve long hours of standing, we need to wear the shoes with proper support as well.

Letting our feet have time to rest is the best way to relieve the pain.

Many overweight persons find that they are prone to Metatarsalgia. If excess weight is the cause of the pain, weight loss is the only way to relieve pain.

You can take part in exercises that do not pressurize the feet, such as cycling and swimming. You need to avoid running and walking for the time being.

You can use the stationary bike to shed the pounds away.

However, if Metatarsalgia results in infection, you need to seek medical consultation. If the pain is so severe that you are limping, you have to make appointment with the sport specialist.

If the sport injury is very serious, surgery is the only option for permanent relief of Metatarsalgia.

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