What Is Your Best Time For Writing?

Most people prefer to write when they have a lot of time to spare.

However, when they have one free day, they find that they get nothing done.

What is the matter? What is your best time for writing?

Ironically, the best time for writing is usually when you are hard pressed for time.

That is the time when ideas come, and you can write really well and really fast.

Can you recall the days of sitting for essay examination?

Can you recall how you cannot seem to start writing, until you find that you have not much time left?

That is how the brain works. When

you are under stress, the brain works best.

Even if your answer is not the best one in the class, it is still a good enough answer to pass the examination.

How do you find the kind of stress that makes you write articles after articles?

The answer is to squeeze article writing in your daily routine.

You can choose to wake up half an hour earlier, and write an article before going to work.

This is the best time for writing if you are a morning person.

The desire to get the article done, couple with the desire to get out of the house on time, means that your brain is working overtime.

Another best time slot is during the lunch break.

Most of us have just ten to fifteen minutes left after having our lunch, that is enough time for a short article.

That means you have to think about what to write earlier. The minute you start writing, you do not stop.

You will definitely complete the article by the end of

your lunch break.

If that is not possible, you can still dot down the writing ideas and write the content at home.
Many people are dead tired after a day at work.

You will find that is the best time for writing. You may argue that you cannot write a logical article since your brain is so tired, and ideas get jumbled up.

In fact, ideas get jumbled up is the best to happen.

Many writers have the best ideas when they are very tired, and the brain starts to produce crazy ideas.

That is why make full use of it. Just make sure that you write down whatever ideas that come. You can always rearrange the words the next day.

What is your best time for writing?

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