When $100 Leather Shoes Is Cheaper Than $10 Cheap Shoes

Sometimes, cost is not everything when it comes to the matter of buying shoes.

If you base on price alone, a pair of good leather shoes costing $100 is never cheaper than a pair of $10 made in China shoes.

However, when you add in other factors, you can see why a pair of leather shoes costing $100 or more is cheaper than the cheap shoes.

What are the factors involved?

1. Comfort

Wearing leather shoes is definitely better than wearing those cheap shoes.

Your skin can breathe, and you feel airy and dry in the comfort of the leather shoes.

Many leather shoes also come with

rubber soles and rubber insoles.

That increases the comfort level of the users.

2. Durable

A pair of cheap shoes might last you for a couple of months.

That means you need to spend ten dollars every quarter to buy new shoes.

If you add up the cost of shoes purchase, it is at least forty dollars in a year.

However, a pair of good leather shoes can last you for years.

Some people even make their patent leather shoes last for decades.

Once you amortize the cost of leather shoes over the years, you can see that it is cheaper to buy good quality shoes in the first place.

You will not regret the decision when you finally wear them out years later.

3. Injuries

You are more likely to injure yourself with inferior products.

Many people slip and fall when they are using a pair of cheap shoes.

You end up paying more and suffer more. Once you add in the cost of medical consultation to the cost, a pair of $10 shoes no longer costs just $10.

Leather shoes, on

the other hand, provide better support and are less slippery.

Most of the good leather shoes have rubber soles, and you do not slip and fall easily even on a wet and slippery surface.

4. Self esteem

Good leather shoes make you look good, and confident.

It is good for your image.

If you are fond of wearing cheap shoes to go to work, you will find it hard to develop self confidence in your work ability.

Even though you expect others to respect you for what you are, you know that many people still look down on those who cannot dress well.

Due to the factors above, it really makes sense to buy $100 leather shoes rather than $10 cheap shoes.

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