When Employee Morale Is Low

What happens when employee morale is low?

Employees are naturally creative, especially when the employee morale is low.

There are many ways they can sabotage the company without breaking the law. What are some of these methods?

1. Come in late

They come in late whenever possible. When the company starts to cut salary for lateness, the employees change tactic.

They come in punctually, but they waste time on making coffee, eating breakfast, and gossiping.

They probably waste an hour or so before they sit down to tackle their work.

2. Take items home

When the employee morale is low, the employees will try to take items home.


most common items are pens, paper clips, and other small items.

Some employees dare not take items back openly in this way. They end up going to the toilet more often, and drink more coffee and other beverages from the pantry.

3. Rude to customers

That is the worst effect of low employee morale on a business.

When employees hate the company they are working for, they will not show enthusiasm in the service of the customers.

They will ignore the customers. They will show irritation when the customers approach them. They will say things like If You Do Not Like It, Go Other Place.

The customers will never return. The customers will spread the bad treatment to many others.

4. Complaining on the Internet

The employees will find ways to complain and badmouth the company on the Internet.

Most of them dare not use their real names when they do so.

They will not admit that they are employees. They will say that they are friends of someone working there, and they want to warn others from joining such a lousy company.

5. Do nothing

When the employee morale is low, they will learn the skill of appearing busy but do nothing.

It is possible in nearly every job.

For example, the clerks can spend all the time reading emails and sending emails. Most of these emails are not

work related.

They appear busy, yet produce nothing.

Some marketing people are on the line the whole day, calling this associate or that associate.

However, they talk about trivial matters, and never come to the real business on hand.

They spend a few days to justify why a marketing plan is not workable, instead of coming up with a solution.

Except for the matter of taking things home, all the methods above are legal, and very hard to control.

Most bosses do not have time nor energy to control how the employees work.

Is it the fault of the employees for low employee morale? While sabotaging the company is wrong, the fact is that the company is wrong in the first place.

If the company knows that certain policies can result in low employee morale, it is stupid for them to implement the policies.

It is the duty of the management to improve the salary and the working condition.

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