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In our family, we have a love-hate relationship with tissue paper. Whenever we have a cold, we can use up boxes and boxes of tissue paper really fast.

We have to frequent the wholesale tissue paper supplier, and cart away a few pounds of tissue paper.

We do not always have such reliance on tissue paper.

When we were young, we used to carry handkerchief.

That was such a long time ago. We still had fond memories of the different handkerchiefs. Some of the handkerchiefs had such beautiful embroideries.

That was before tissue paper became such a necessity in many homes.

Right now in my country,

Singapore, you can hardly see anyone with handkerchief. Nearly everyone has a packet of tissue paper whenever they go.

If you watch carefully, you will see people using tissue paper to wipe clean their mouth after meal.

They do not use handkerchief mainly for hygiene purpose. After all, you cannot just throw away the dirty handkerchief.

Tissue paper is different. You just use and throw.

When you need more, there are many shops selling. There are many disabled persons and old people selling tissue paper at a very high price.

Most people buy from them out of compassion. They do want to help them, but they do not want to hurt the pride of the old people and disabled persons. Buying tissue paper from

them seem like the right way to help.

The wholesale tissue paper suppliers definitely sell it at a deep discount. When you consider the cost of tissue paper per year, you will see that the price is not that cheap.

We spend more on tissue paper than toilet rolls.

Both items cost a few hundred dollars per year. It may even reach into thousands of dollars if someone in the family has allergies or sinusitis problem.

Much as I love to cut cost, these two items are not under consideration. It is a must to have tissue paper and toilet roll at home.

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