Why Become A Vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian? Do you wish to become a vegetarian?

There are many good reasons for a person to become a vegetarian.

What are the reasons to become a vegetarian?

1.  religious reason

There are many people who become a vegetarian due to religious reason. These are often Buddhists. They believe that every creature has the right to enjoy life, and to live until ripe, old age.

They believe that it is a sin to kill animals.

That is the main reason for them to become a vegetarian.

2.  fat is a killer

The fat from the animals is a killer. The fat from the meat causes

many chronic health problems.

While eating lean meat is better than eating fatty meat, that does not mean lean meat has no fat.

If you cannot adopt a vegetarian diet, the very least you can do is to eat lean meat once a while.

3.  meat is expensive

Meat is more expensive than vegetables and fruits.

The animals eat the grass, wheat and other food in order to grow. That is why meat is more expensive. When you eat fruits, vegetables and grains, you are eating the healthy food in its natural stage. When you eat meat, you can eating the corpse of an animal which eats grains and vegetables.

You will find that you can save money on food once you become a vegetarian.

4.  less chance of food poisoning

Meat contains more bacteria than vegetables and fruits. You can eat fruits and vegetables in the raw natural stage without suffering from food poisoning.

You cannot eat meat in the raw stage. You will definitely suffer from an aching tummy.

You will recall that there are many conditions arising from meat.

One very frightening condition is the mad cow disease. There is no cure once you get this condition.

5.  vitamins and minerals

You can get most of the vitamins and minerals from the vegetarian diet. Some people eat fish to supplement the mainly vegetarian diets.

Some people use the health supplements to make up for certain shortfall of the minerals.

6.  weight loss

Many people gain weight due to a meat based diet. Most of them do not even eat healthy lean meat.

They survive on fast food and sugary beverages.

You seldom see a vegetarian with weight problem. The minute the vegetarian cuts down on sugar and carbohydrates, her weight will return to the normal range.

The problem with meat based diet is that the calories are densely packed. You are likely to take in more calories and yet still feel hungry.

You will not have this problem if you rely on seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables for sustenance.

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