Why You Should Travel Light?

Do you love to travel? Do you always pack too much things in the luggage? You should learn to travel light.

What are the advantages for travel light?

1.  Better control

When you have less things in the luggage, you have a better control of the items. You spend less time packing and unpacking.

You know exactly where you put the items. You spend less time hunting for your comb.

2.  Carry on luggage

When you travel light, you do not need to check in the luggage. You can just take the backpack as a carry on.

This will save time on claiming luggage. You do not

need to worry about lost baggage as well.

Since you travel light, you do not have to worry about heavy luggage that exceeds the maximum allowance. You do not have to worry about paying for the extra pounds.

3.  buy things

You know that you will buy more things when you travel overseas. If you travel to China, you are likely to buy Chinese tea, handbags and shoes.

You need room to store your items. It is common to carry one backpack to China, and return with three luggage.

4.  Walk faster

You can walk faster when you travel light.

You can enjoy sightseeing when you have lighter backpack.

It is easier on your back when you are running to catch the bus or train.

If you are on a hiking trip, you will enjoy the trip more when you travel light.

Even if you are not on a hiking trip, you need to walk when you are hunting for cheap accommodation.

5.  Locker

You can save time and money for putting the light backpack on the train station locker.

When you are traveling on the train, you can use the backpack as your pillow. It is easier and safer to have the backpack with you all the time when you are sleeping.

Travel light does not mean that you carry lesser items. You can carry more items provided that you pick the smallest and lightest.  

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