Will Google Share Price Reach $1000 In 2013?

Will Google share price reach $1000 in 2013?

The current Google share price is $831.52.

Google has proven its ability to make money consistently.

Google share price has been going up ever since I track the company two years ago.

At that time, many people felt that $600 per share was too much. They felt that Google was over-priced.

Now that the share price is nearly to $1000, I wonder what those people would say.

Perhaps a wiser choice is for Google share price to have a stock split. That means to split a share into 2 or 3.

The current share price is definitely out of

range for the common folks.

Not everyone can afford to pay more than $800 for a single share. Bear in mind that Google is not a dividend stock.

You do not expect to have a dividend yield. That means the only way to get cash back is liquidating your holding.

Bear in mind also that Google does not have a significant presence in China, which is a very huge market.

The potential for growth is always there, but the direction of growth is a factor to consider.

The core business is still search and advertising business. Everyone who uses internet will definitely know about the products of Google.

Perhaps you have videos in Youtube, or you use Google search to look for

information. Perhaps you use the gmail account.

No matter where you are, unless you are in mainland China, you are not likely to miss the products of Google.

The analyst reports are rather positive. Of all the 30 analyst opinions I see in Yahoo Finance, none of them issue a Sell call. They either issue a Strong Buy or Buy or Hold. There are more Strong Buy and Buy to Hold. The target price is from $700 to $1000.

If you are holding on to the idea of going against the flow, it is time to sell your Google shares, assuming that you have any to sell.

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