Worst Possible Job Interview Answers

Many people jeopardize the chance of getting a job by giving the worst possible job interview answers.

They may think that they are being honest, and honesty is the best policy. However, they are being stupid when they give the worst possible job interview answers.

What are the worst possible job interview answers?

Worst job interview answers: complaints about former boss and work

When the interviewers ask about the reason for leaving the job, the worst possible answers include complaints about former boss, colleagues and work.

The minute the interviewers learn of your attitude towards your boss, colleagues and work, the job interview effectively ends.


do not want to hire someone who is complaining about work or people. They think that you are the one who cannot get along with anyone.

They do not even bother to investigate the truth of what you are saying.

Worst job interview answers: unrealistic salary

If the interviewers ask about your salary expectation, you should not ask for a very high salary. That is especially when you are asking for more than 30% increase over your last earned salary.

You must not ask about fringe benefits and bonus during the first job interview. If the company wants to hire you, you can ask about the overall compensation and benefits during the salary negotiation.

Worst job interview answers: do not know anything about the company

If the interviewers ask you what you know about the company, you should indicate what you really know. You should not ask them the job scope and the core business of the company.

If you do not even know what is the job and the core business of the company, you should not have apply for a job in the first place.

The very least you can do is to check out the profile of the company. Most companies have a website.

All the listed companies have the annual reports available online. There is no excuse for not doing your homework.

Worst job interview answers: personal problems

You should keep all your personal problems to yourself.

If the job interviewers ask for the reason of changing job, you

can cite other factors such as proximity to work, career advancement and other reasons.

You must not say that you want a higher paid job because you have debts. That reflect very badly on your ability to manage your personal finance.

Even though many people have credit card debts, you must avoid giving the impression that you cannot control your impulse spending.

Worst job interview answers: cannot commit to overtime

If the job interviewers ask whether you can work overtime, you must express the desire to do so. You must not say that you cannot work overtime or during weekend.

You can say that you work overtime, as long as it is not overnight. You can say that you are committed to your work, and make sure that everything is done before the deadline.

You can ask about the frequency of working overtime. You can say that you can make arrangement for a sitter if you need to work overtime.

The worst possible job interview answers include cannot work overtime, cannot work on weekend and cannot take work home to do. The job interviewers will think that you have an attitude problem.

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