Would You Invest In Tropical Fish Farm?

Most of us are familiar with tropical fish, such as Arowana, guppies, swordtails, Cichlids and other tropical fish.

We know that the colorful fish comes from the tropical fish farm.

Even though we like the fish, and have many hours of enjoyment taking care of the fish, it never crosses our mind that we can invest in tropical fish farm.

Would you invest in tropical fish farm?

If you are thinking of buying the farm, and spending 14 hours a day changing water, you probably will not entertain the idea.

The fact is that many tropical fish farms have modern facilities to help them.

The powerful

filter helps to change and filter the water for the entire ponds.

The tropical fish farm does not just breed, and export the beautiful fishes. They are involved in selling the aquarium equipments and feeds as well.

The good news is that you do not even need to step out of your country to invest in a tropical fish farm.

You can invest through buying the shares from the stock market.

There are many companies that own tropical fish farms listed in Asia stock markets.

For example, Qian Hu Corporation Limited is listed in Singapore stock market.

The company has several fish farms in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. While the primary product of the company is the prized Asian Arowana, that is not the only fish breed in the fish farms.

You can buy nearly all kinds of ornamental fish from Qian Hu Corporation Limited. It is likely that the beautiful fishes in the local fish shop comes from Qian Hu Corporation.


famous company is the Xian Leng Holding Berhad.

This company is also an Arowana breeder. The company is listed in the Malaysia stock market.
Xian Leng Holding Berhad is one of the best small cap companies in the Malaysia stock market.

Both companies breed and sell the protected Asian Arowana.

Since the trading of wild Arowana is banned by CITES, and the demand for this auspicious fish never wanes, both companies manage to survive in the industry for many years.

Are you interested in investing in tropical fish farm?

As with all things in life, knowledge, timing and luck are three factors to success.

Since both are listed companies, you can do your own research and analyze the annual reports, as well as the analysts reports.

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